Where is your dream destination?

If you’re on a budget and want to travel, you may think that you can’t go to some places because they’re too expensive. But, I’ve created a list of 7 different places you can go while saving money.


1. Croatia

This is a great place to go while trying to save money because you can stay at a beautiful villa for about $23 a night. Check out more about Croatia here!

2. Peru

When going to Peru, switching your money will actually save you. One American dollar there, equals to three sols (Peru’s currency).

3. Iceland

Iceland’s main air company has expanded their services to many different airports across the country. If you fly with their airline to one of the many 26 Icelandic destinations, you can get a seven night stop over, and you don’t have to pay for them to check your bag.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Besides the many casinos that will eat up your money, hotel rates in Las Vegas are extremely low, and you get to experience one of the prettiest cities in the United States.

5.Mazatlan, Mexico

Travelling to Mazatlan might be the most inexpensive destination on this list. Renting a hotel there is extremely cheap, considering they aren’t apart of big chain hotels. Also 1 American dollar equals to 20.69 Mexican Pesos. I’d say that’s a pretty nice exchange rate. There are restaurants there that are extremely top notch and you would pay almost half of what you would normally pay in America.

6. Northern Vietnam

I know, Vietnam isn’t what you’d think as a normal vacation spot. But, the most outstanding scenery and culture can be found if you visit here. If you decide to rent a dorm, it’s around $5 and for private accommodations its around $10-$15. To get around, I would consider renting a motor bike if you really want to keep costs down. Food in norther Vietnam is around $.50 – $2 a dish which is extremely cheap.

7. Indonesia

Indonesia is so gorgeous and often overlooked by many travelers. To stay in a hotel around there, it only costs around 15 American dollars! Check out more here to check out more about Indonesia.

2 thoughts on “Where is your dream destination?

  1. This blog post is really interesting and it gives a good idea on how to travel on a budget. I love how you listed out these different places. While also including the money exchange and different places to stay.🤗🙂


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